Five most comfortable stilettos for your daily use

When shopping, it is quite hard to resist the beautiful pairs of heels on display, which just seem to lure you towards them, even though they might not be comfortable heels at all. You may end up buying them even after trying them on and finding that they pinch your toes and are not comfortable heels at all. You may find that you will wear such a pair once and throw them at the back of the closet.

comfortable heels
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To avoid such shoes, it is important to shop for the right kind of comfortable heels. High heels can be quite uncomfortable, so it is important to look for an ideal type of comfortable heels out there so that you don’t put our feet under a lot of strain.

With the following shoes, as a woman, you will be able to invest in the both comfort and style when it comes to high heels.

1.       Pumps:

comfortable heels
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Most women don’t think about buying pumps when shopping for high heels, but they have proven to be a girl’s best friend. If you are looking to have some extra inches without blisters, then this is the shoe with the most comfortable heels that you need. Pumps are designed so that they don’t put any stress on your feet. Various pumps come with memory foam insole, which ensures that your feet are cushioned and comfortable at all times.

2.       Kitten Heels:

comfortable heels
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Kitten heels are usually small comfortable heels. If you are not comfortable with high heels, then this is another ideal option for you. They have straps that give your ankles the necessary kind of support thus making them quite comfortable heels, out there. Also, they are not high off the ground so that they can be worn the entire day without much discomfort.

3.       Ankle strapped heel:

comfortable heels
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The best type of heel that will provide you with comfort are one that has ankle straps. A good example is the Nili Pump. Heels with ankle straps are designed in a way that they will keep the foot in place and avoid it from slipping. Apart from being such comfortable heels with ankle straps are also cute due to their added details. These are a shoe that must be part of your closet if you love wearing heels.

4.       Naturalizer Pump:

comfortable heels
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If you like going out during the night, this is an ideal shoe for you. The Naturalizer shoe is one that is perfect for both day or night. They are usually around 2.5-inches, which is a perfect height to enhance your look and give you the comfort that you need. These shoes have been designed with contour technology, which will make you feel good and look better.

5.       Aerosoles:

comfortable heels
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If looking to invest in Comfortable Heels, then the aerosols are a must have a shoe in your closet. Aerosoles have been around for a long time, but they have proven to be the best kind of shoes when it comes to comfort. They have been created to distribute one’s body weight uniformly so that one is comfortable at all times.

These are the top most type of comfortable heels that one can add to their collection and get the best out of them. In such, none of these shoes appeal to you then we have the best kind of shoes, which will surely make you fall in love with them and they are the customized handpainted ballerinas at LazyBrats, which are made with so much love and attention to detail that they will certainly find a home in your shoe closet.