Sexy high heels are the love of any woman but to wear heels without pain is altogether another story. Heels play an important role in the most fashionable shoe closets. However, one of the negative effects of high heels is wearing them with your best outfit, and within a few minutes, your feet are in throbbing pain. This is a common issue faced by most women, and hence, one of the most common questions, is how to wear heels without pain?

wear heels without pain
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It is important to look for ideal ways through which you can enjoy the comfort of high heels without having to undergo the painful experience that most women go through. The following tips will ensure that you wear heels without pain and actually enjoy the experience and look at your absolute best!

Top Tips to Wear Heels Without Pain:

  1. Right Size Shoes:

    It is important to make sure that you are wearing the right shoe size at all times. The common mistake that most women do is probably not wearing the right size of heels for their feet. You need to be aware that one’s feet size changes over years, especially if one has kids. So, it is important to have your feet measured once a year. Also, make sure to have the feet measured when buying shoes, and that too – both the length and the width.

wear heels without pain
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2) Get to Know About Your Foot Type:

Before you can fill your closet with various types of shoes, it is important to know your foot type. The best way to know about your foot type is to go to the podiatrist. With the right info, one will be able to know whether they have a high-arch foot or flat foot. This will enable to guide you in the type of heels that you need to choose for your feet so that they are as comfortable as possible.

wear heels without pain
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3) Go for Thicker Heels:

To avoid painful situations, make sure to avoid thin heels, such as stilettos. Such type of heels can easily cause your feet to wobble around, and this is not good. If looking to get rid of the pain caused by thin heels, make sure to shop for chunkier or thicker heels. They provide better support and comfort compared to the thin heels. Thin heels or stilettos can be worn only on those special occasions, but it is recommended to avoid them when possible.

wear heels without pain
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4) Avoid Thin Soles:

Thin soles will usually induce pain at the bottom of the feet. To ensure that your feet are comfortable on all sides, go for thicker soles. One may opt for a platform heels, which will reduce some of the pressure your feet experience while walking. You can also opt for canvas shoes, which are super comfortable and what’s more, you can get some customized shoes made from LazyBrats

wear heels without pain
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5) Stretch:

Always stretch your foot when you take off your heels. Do stretches for the front part, ankles, and toes. This will prevent your feet from painful aches and you can easily wear heels without pain.

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Meanwhile, summers also mean a host of foot problems and you can easily take care of them with our detailed guide. Alternatively, you can also wear some comfortable heels without sacrificing on your fashion quotient.

With these few tips, one will be able to enjoy the unique style that high heels bring to their personality. With these tips, you can easily wear heels without pain and easily show-off your fashionable personality to the hilt!