Summers mean vacations, picnics, beach-walks and so many other activities, which can have a great impact on one’s feet. And that is the reason why the foot problems in summers escalate like anything. If you are not careful enough during the summer season, then you can easily fall prey to sunburns, blisters, calluses, puncture wounds and many other complications.

foot problems in summers
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During the summer season, you will invariably end up exposing your pretty pedicured feet to various elements, which may be harmful for them. Hence, it is important that you are aware of the things, which can cause foot problems in summers.

We are going to look at ways to avoid blisters and other foot problems in summers:

  1. Avoid walking barefoot:

During the summers, you may be tempted to walk barefoot on the beach sand or the grass, so as to enjoy the comfort that it brings. It’s not bad, but it is not a very good idea either. Do make sure that you avoid walking barefoot as much as possible. Walking barefoot on the beach can increase one’s chance of getting puncture wounds, fungus, warts or other infections. Alternatively, to avoid the numerous foot problems in summer, one can wear comfortable shoes such as sandals to keep the feet dry and airy.

foot problems in summers
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2) Socks-Type:

In summer, the temperature can get high and so, fungus can grow in moist areas. Wearing the right type of socks during the hot weather can reduce your chances of getting foot fungus. To ensure that your feet are in a comfortable environment, make sure to wear cotton socks. They are ideal for keeping away the sweat that might cause fungal infections and other foot problems in summer.

foot problems in summers
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3) Getting rid of blisters:

Foot blisters are one of the most common foot problems in summer. In most cases, one can usually detect or feel when a blister is beginning to grow.  In order to prevent that, make sure that the shoes that you wear are always comfortable and the right size for your feet. The wrong size of the shoe will be tight and will rub against your skin which will lead to blisters. If you do get a blister, one can use liquid bandage or moleskin to treat it, so that you can totally prevent foot problems in summer.

foot problems in summers
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4) Allow Your Feet to Breathe:

If you are planning to spend most of your summertime indoors, make sure to take off your socks at all times. This ensures that your feet get the aeration that they need so that you don’t have to struggle with any of the foot problems in summer. If spending most of your time outdoors, then avoid closed shoes or any other type of shoes that can cause a lot of sweating.

foot problems in summers
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5) Moisturize your Feet:

Your feet can get dry during the summer season and that may lead to various foot problems in summers. Dryness may be due to lack of wearing socks or sweating a lot. It is important that you keep your feet moisturized. It is ideal to apply a moisturiser at least twice a day. One can do so either after taking a shower and before they get into bed at night.

foot problems in summers
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With these few tips, one will be able to ensure that they keep their feet healthy and away from the foot problems in summers, which are largely due to improper care of our feet and the summer elements.