A girl can never have enough shoes, clothes and hand-bags. This fact has also been scientifically proven that when a girl sees a really nice pair of shoes then her heart rate increases and her body releases endorphins, which make her go into an euphoric state. Mind you, these are the same hormones, which are released when you exercise hard in the gym to knock off those extra inches. So, basically a sexy pair of sandals can contribute to fat-loss. Of course, we are kidding because it is too good to be true!

Nevertheless, despite how many pairs of footwear a girl has, there are some staples, which should always adorn her shoe-rack, so here are top 5 shoes for girls:

1) The Humble Flats:

Image Credits: NewChic

Planning to roam the breadth of the mall for an epic shopping spree? Or have errands to run across town? Then these humble flats are your best bet. Get the ones with the back straps and with some bling factor, which will elevate your style statement to the next level. The flats are often neglected for heels but they just can’t be done away with. They are your best friends in more ways than one. So, go and line up all the flats in your closet and don them for long-duration activities so that your legs thank you, later on!

2) Gladiator Sandals:

Image Credits: Nnnow

The funky gladiator sandals add some oomph to your personality and dressing sense with their maverick straps. They go best with short dresses and knee length skirts. What’s more you don’t need a lot of accessories when you don the gladiator sandals, as they command a lot of attention, themselves.

3) Customized Hand-painted Ballerinas:

Yes, yes you can get these custom hand-painted ballerinas to showcase your spirit to the whole world. Choose from a wide range at LazyBrats in multiple size options. Whether you are a cartoon buff or want to show your feminine side, the various designs at LazyBrats have you totally covered.

4) Nude Pumps:

Image Credits: Jabong

These nude pumps are an essential part and parcel of every fashionable girls’ footwear closet. First of all, their colour is so versatile that they go with almost anything, be it jeans, skirts or even traditional Indian wear. Secondly, in case you happen to be a bit short then these sexy nude pumps will also “appear” to extend your legs and add some much-needed inches to your petite frame.

5) Stilettos:

Image Credits: Jabong

Last but not the least, every girl needs a pair of towering stilettos. Don them and feel that you can rule the world and take on almost anybody! Stilettos are an instant way to jazz up any dress and make it from the humdrum variety to party wear almost instantly! And in case you pair them with a tiny number then get ready to handle all the attention, you rockstar girl!

The types of footwear each girl must have, can actually be an endless list! But do note that these 5 varieties are just the staples so in case you don’t have one of them, then get them pronto and step out in style!

Top 5 Shoes Which Every Girl Must Have