Which girl doesn’t love her extensive handbag collection to the moon and back? Handbags play a huge role in the lives of women as they can simply change the entire look in a jiffy. HandBags provide ideal space to carry necessary items with you, but they still add that extra style and fashion feature to your entire wardrobe.

It does not matter if you are a handbag enthusiast or an accessories minimalist, as a lady, there are those particular handbags that you should have in your closet. With the right kind of investment, you will have the right kind of bags to go with any outfit suitable for any occasion. These five bag styles should be part of your wardrobe:

  1. A Chick Clutch

The perfect kind of clutch bag will come through in various “clutch” events or situations. If your closet does not have at least on the clutch bag, then there is something wrong. This one chic little bag can come quite handy in various situation, including brunch, dinner, or even drinks. It is a multifunctional bag easily available on LazyBrats and is quite affordable. It also goes well with different types and styles of dresses.

2) A Tailored Bag

Image Credits: Bright Star Kids

When shopping for a handbag, you also need to think about the functionality and where you are going to use it. As a woman, it is important that you have that work bag, one designed for you to attend important job interviews and business events. The perfect work bag should be part of your closet. A classy and well-tailored bag will be able to match all your work outfits. A tailored work bag will also provide you with necessary comfort and space that you need to carry work essentials such as a laptop, files, and other essentials.

3) A Statement Bag

Image Credits: FAB Magazine

As a woman, having style is crucial. It is known that style is a way to express who you are without having to speak. This is why you need a statement bag as part of your wardrobe. It can be a brightly colored bag designed to make your outfit pop or an eccentric clutch bag in a unique shape. This statement will be able to express your personality and overall sense of fashion by telling everyone who exactly you are.

4) A Roomy Tote

Image Credits: Nordstorm

There are those days whereby you may have a very busy day and need to be at various places. In such a day, you will need a huge tote bag with you. This a roomy bag that provides you with ample space for whatever you need during the day and night. You can bring your laptop, extra pair of shoes, makeup, clothes and much more wherever you are. It might get a bit heavy, but you will have all you need at all times.

5) A Cute Cross-Body

Image Credits: Pinterest

Another essential handbag a woman needs is the cross-body bag, which is ideal for those hands-on situations. It allows your hands to stay free so that you can attend to other activities.

With these few handbag in your arsenal, you will be able to rock every time you step out of your house.