The female of the human species love their jewelry, handbags and of course, their casual shoes. And that is because, shoes play a significant role in your overall personality. They type of shoes you wear will determine your overall look, so it is important to search for the perfect kind of footwear that will go along with your style and preferences.

It is important that you give attention to your casual shoes and footwear as much as you give to buying clothing. Especially for ladies, casual shoes play an important role when it comes to matching their dresses and also for particular occasions. This is why there are various kind of women’s shoes out there are, which comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is important that one should be updated with current trends and requirements, so we are going to look at a few options of casual shoes:


Image Credits: Rebellious Fashion

Heels are quite popular among women, in particular for those looking to have an elegant look. The heels are the type of casual shoes, which can make or break an outfit. Heels come in different sizes, shapes, and height. They are perfect for special occasions, mostly indoor events. They go well with dresses and skirts. They may be not as comfortable as most casual shoes out there, but they offer ideal style for those wanting to look good.


Another common type of casual shoes are the beloved flats. Flats generally can be any shoes that do not have heels. Flats are very common and popular among women since they provide that ideal comfort and style that they need. The flats and heels are the common types of shoes out there since most shoes can be categorized as a heel or as a flat.


This is another common type of casual shoes popular amongst women. Pumps are designed to cover the foot from the front, both sides, back but leaving the top open. Pumps can either be flats or heels can come in various styles, including fiber, thick cloth or leather. As a woman, you will find a pump design that will suit your personal wardrobe. The ballerina shows a common type of flat pumps that is favorite among ladies. Flat pumps are popular since they are very comfortable shoes to wear on the go and they match with almost any kind of clothing. Stilettos are the common type of heel pumps, which are very high and come with an ankle strap.

Hand Painted Canvas Shoes

The canvas shoes are quite popular among women. With so many options on LazyBrats, the hand painted canvas shoes are definitely an ideal choice. Canvas offer a flat space on both sides where one can customize their design on to. When shopping for hand painted canvas, you will not lack a pair that will go together with your style and preferences.


casual shoes
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These type of shoes can be flat or slightly elevated. They are ideal for casual and formal occasions. They are comfortable since they are open and offer ideal cushioning for one’s feet.

These are some casual shoes that should definitely be part of your wardrobe so that you can easily team them with your dresses, ethnic wear, or even jeans and be ready to take on the world!