Beautiful Green – Hand Painted Polka Dot Kettle


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This Polka Dot Aluminum teapot will add extra charm to your home decor with its hand painted custom made design. It's Perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, house warming party etc

    • Hand Painted Using Safe & Non Toxic Colors
    • Used for home decor, storage unit, planter, kitchenware, dinnerware
    • Painted for you by talented artists
    • Care Instructions: Don't scrub/scratch the outer surface of the kettle

    NOTE: For customization, call us at 9812631000 or click here for raising a request.


This hand painted quirky colorful kettle will add a bling to your decor. This kettle is made to order for all the people who have kept a special place in their home/office space for that special home decor item. Order this pretty kettle right away!

Kettle Specification


DimensionBase Dia: Approx 14cm, Height: Approx 14 cm

Kettle Care Instructions


  • Don’t scrub/scratch the the painted surface
  • Don’t put the kettle on flame
  • Just use wet cloth to wipe the surface if required
  • Never use spirit or alcoholic material on the painted surface


Kettle Usage


  • The kettle can be used to serve tea (Don’t scratch the outer surface, when it is hot)
  • The kettle can be used for home decor, storing knick knacks, jewellery holder, plant holder etc