This section basically means that you can request to get customised footwears, bags, bottles, Kettles, Trunks!

Want to get a pair of your own customized product like Canvas shoes, ballerinas, clutches for any special occasions like Weddings as a return wedding gifts or may be return bday gifts etc. Reach us, we’ll be glad to assist you with that.
This is how it works:

  1. Let us know what you like or give us a theme.
    1. Choose the type of product you would want to get customised.
    2. We’ll see to it, how best we can place the theme on to the product that you would want.
    3. We’ll work out the price depending on how detailed or intricate you want on the respective product category.
    4. We’ll share the soft copy to let you visualise the design you had in mind.
    5. Since its a customised order, We would need payment in advance.
    6. You’ll have to share the shoe size(s) with us carefully, since this would be a custom order.
    7. After all this is sorted, products usually take a week to get completed depending on our workload.
    8. Once done we’ll ship it across to you.
    9. Enjoy your new shoes(product)!

Note: Since these are customised per your preferences (specifically designed and made for you), returns and refunds are not available.