Clean Canvas shoes are the best bet during any season as they allow the feet to breathe. Hence, they are perfect for hot and humid weather conditions. It is because they are very light and provide ideal comfort to one’s feet, plus they can be worn almost anywhere.

canvas shoes

However, after wearing the shoes for a long day, one will quickly notice that there is a change in color or that the shoes might have stains and marks. To be able to maintain the canvas shoes, it is important to care for them and clean them in the best way possible so that they last. In this article we will discuss, how to clean canvas shoes.

Apart from being very comfortable, canvas shoes are highly resistant. When it comes to caring for canvas shoes, it does not need much attention as other types of shoes. Regular cleaning and caring for canvas shoes is enough to maintain the shoes quality and comfort. There are numerous ways of cleaning a pair of canvas shoes, which can be mainly be done through a hand wash or by washing machine.

Cleaning Canvas Shoes by Hand:

To clean canvas shoes, it is important that the shoes be as dry as possible. To start with you can dust off any dirt or particles. One can wash the canvas shoes in the conventional way of washing clothes. A few things are needed to ensure effective cleaning. One will need a bucket, warm water, toothbrush/wash sponge, old towel, warm water and very mild washing soap.

White Canvas Shoes london-bridge-lazybrats-hand-painted-shoes
White Canvas Shoes london-bridge-lazybrats-hand-painted-shoes

The nest step is to mix the warm water and mild soap thoroughly. Once the soap has been dissolved completely, take both shoes and scrub the outside, together with the soles, using the toothbrush/sponge. To rinse off the dirt, one just needs to dip the shoes in the water gently. Try not to submerge the entire shoe in water. Once done, use warm water to rinse off the shoes and an old towel to squeeze off any water on the shoes. Use newspaper and stuff them inside the shoe so as to maintain the shoe size. Leave the shoes to dry in the sun, but away from direct heat source.

Cleaning Canvas Shoes in The Washing Machine

To clean canvas shoes in the washing machine, a few things are needed, such as waste paper, mild laundry soap and prewash treatment for severe stains.

Note: It is not recommended to wash hand painted shoes in the washing machine

If there are any stains present, pretreat them as instructed on the label of the pre-treatment solution. Once that is done, set the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. The soap should be half of the regular use. Put the shoes in and allow the machine to complete the first cycle. After, the first cycle, remove the shoes and set them out to dry in the sun. Using a drying machine is not ideal since it can weaken the glue holding the shoe together.

With these few steps, keeping canvas shoes clean and in the right shape is not a hard thing. It is important that one cleans their customized and handpainted LazyBrats canvas shoes on a regular basis to prevent damages. Proper storage is also needed to ensure ideal care for the shoe.