India has a rich history and culture when it comes to arts and handcrafts and hence there are a number of online marketplaces to sell these handmade goods. The unique thing about India is that every region has its specific type of craft, from Pochampalli in South India to the ChikanKari Craft of Lucknow. Apart from traditional forms of art, there are those craftsmen who have the unique talent of creating amazing artefacts in India.

online marketplaces
Image Credits: Ragsland

Etsy is the first choice for consumers worldwide when they want some customized and handmade items. However, for Indian users Etsy isn’t available in the country. Hence, consumers can view some of these handmade and gorgeous crafts through some other online marketplaces, which are present in India.

Here are some online marketplaces through which the handmade artefacts can be accessed by the public:

1.       ItsHandMade:

ItsHandMade is situated in Bangalore and it only specialises in the marketing and selling of products, which are handmade. One can sell according to their preferences, however it needs to be noted that with this platform, it is vital that one is not a mass producer or a retailer. Clients who visit all these online marketplaces are assured of getting some creatively designed products that are genuinely handmade.

online marketplaces
Image Credits: Ragsland

2.       CraftsVilla:

This is a well know online platform that offers numerous products, which are handmade. The website is known for its traditional apparels, handmade gift items and home décor products. The products sold on CraftsVilla are items that are from suppliers and artisans who work with Indian artisans. CraftsVilla has been able to expand and maintain its ideal services for a while now.

online marketplaces
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3.       The Indian Craft House:

This is another great platform that portrays the rich history and heritage of India through arts and handicrafts. All items found on The Indian Craft House are items that have directly come from artisans or NGOs who are working with local artisan communities. The website has a unique feature that allows customers to explore various traditional artefacts from the various regional states of Indian.

online marketplaces
Image Credits: Free Classified Ahmedabad

4.       Saffron Art:

This is the largest online marketplace platform for handmade items in India. Similar to most art sites, it is an auction site. It has numerous paintings and sculptures done by very talented Indian artisans. This online portal offers some exciting and charming products, which reflect the design sensibilities and the creative aspect of the artisan.

5.       AfDay:

Founded by Rashmi Daga, an IIM-A alumna, the main function of AfDay is to connect the consumers with the talented designers and artisans.

online marketplaces
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6. ArtyOwl:

Launched in 2016,n this is one of the best online marketplaces to sell products. ArtyOwl aims to bring the artisans who make some exemplary handmade products get in touch directly with the consumers. The handicraft artists are extremely passionate about their work and that is reflected truly in the products that are for sale on the portal.

7. Divine Haat:

Divine Haat is a portal with a difference as it not only showcases and sells handmade regular day to day products. It also sells spiritual items esp. pertaining to puja needs and even edible items, which are lovingly made by hand.

These are the top seven online platforms that help to showcase the traditional art of the local Indian artisans to the public. Similarly, LazyBrats is doing an excellent job of assimilating an unique collection of handpainted goods, which can add charm and character to any house.

Consumers can rely on these online marketplaces for some of the best traditional and contemporary artworks in India.