The summer season is the season to show off those toned legs and flaunt your sensuality in style with not only the best summery dresses but also the best accessories for summer. During the summer, the weather is hot and with the best accessories and some cool fitted dresses, you are also going to look hot!

As you stock your wardrobe with the light, floral and pastel shades, you will also need to think of the best accessories that will go with your dresses during the summer season. When looking for ideal dress accessories, it is important to search for items that combine form and function, which will make you comfortable and also add to your style.

If you are not sure of what to accessorize your dress with, there is no need to worry, below are a few ideas of some of the best accessories, which are ideal for summer:

Floral cuff

Best accessories
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A decorative brass cuff is a perfect and affordable accessory that you can add to your wardrobe. It will go well with any trendy and classic summer dress or even a plain tank-top. Cuffs come in so any designs and are usually brightly colored. It is one of the best accessories to make a style statement.

Light Summer Scarf

Best accessories
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Another ideal way to add some beauty, character and style to your dress outfits is by adding a light summer scarf. A colorful summer scarf will easily match with your favorite dress, and you can stay cozy in those cold buildings or during the night hours. Scarves can also serve as an ideal belt depending on what you are wearing. They can also be used as sarongs, if you decide to go to the beach or hit the pool. Silk or cotton scarves are some of the best accessories, since they can be used in various seasons. One also choose from the popular options that have ethnic designs and prints.

Floppy Straw Hat

Best accessories
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Nothing goes well with a summery dress like an over-sized floppy hat. This is a classic and extra touch of elegance that you can add to our casual dress outfit. It is perfect for that outdoor wedding or when you want to spend time at the beach. An advantage of the floppy hat is that it offers ideal sun protection. If you are thinking to buy one, try the classic hat, which will give you that timeless look. There are numerous other types and styles of floppy hats that you can choose from.

Classic Clutch

 During the summer, you need to leave that over-sized bag at home and lighten your load. A clutch bag is an ideal option, and it practically matches with any summer dress. One can try out the stylish clutch bags currently in fashion.

Handpainted Canvas Slipons

 This is a perfect accessory that you can wear during the warm weather. The slipon sandal is an ideal compromise between heels and casual flats. They are very comfortable and match well with dresses. You can get them made according to your custom taste or as per your favourite dress at LazyBrats and then get bombarded with compliments!

These are some of the best accessories that you can add to your summer wardrobe. It will give you that extra fashion statement that you need.