Footwear matters a lot to women and so, they should also know how to repair shoes so that their favourite pair can last for ages on end. It is very important for women to have good pair shoes, which are gorgeous and yet comfortable. And when you find those comfortable shoes for your attire, you want to preserve them for as long as you can. Whether it’s your pumps, or daily wear flat shoes, they become an essential part of your wardrobe and so knowing how to repair shoes is a big necessity.

how to repair shoes
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How to Repair Shoes: Here are tips that help you to preserve your favorite shoes for longer

Prevention is better than cure:

This is the most proven method. Rather than repairing your shoes, you must prevent them from being torn. You can visit your cobbler or repair person first hand before your wear your shoes. This method is effective in the case of leather shoes. The soles in the leather shoes get damaged with the time, so you can ask your repair man to add rubber soles to your shoes before you start wearing them. Not only it will help leather shoes from wearing down but also give you a firm grip while you walk.

how to repair shoes
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Wrong Shoe Size problem:

Many women tend to buy shoes on sale, which are little bit snug or loose. However, did you know that your shoes can be altered by professionals to some extent. If you have some shoes in your closet which is loose a bit at the toe part, then its good news for you. You can get them repaired from professionals and use them rather than throwing them away.

how to repair shoes
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However, professional repair men also suggest that if you are in the shoe store and can slip a finger on the heels of the shoes then you must not buy them. There are many women who buy loose shoes in store at discounted prices but end up paying higher values for sole pads. 

how to repair shoes
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Do not buy damaged shoes:

Some shoe enthusiasts love buying vintage pumps and canvas shoes. But you should not be buying shoes that need repair to an extent. The reason behind it is when your repair person tries to fix them, the original construction of the shoes might fail. Dried out leather and worn out soles cannot be repaired after an extent. And if you compare buying a new one rather repairing them, sometimes buying a new one would be a cheaper option. However, if you do end up with some vintage shoes then learn how to repair them so that you can save on costs.

how to repair shoes
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Waterproof your canvas shoes:

It is a good idea to waterproof your favorite canvas shoes in the rainy season. The professionals agree that you need to weatherproof your shoes even when you are not wearing them outside. You can easily find some good shoes sprays from the market, which comes with nanotechnology. Do not worry about spraying because your shoe color would not be affected by this hack. This is a good tip for all those shoe lovers who want to know more about how to repair shoes so that they can last for ages.

how to repair shoes
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There are numerous methods with which you can restore your old shoes and preserve the quality of the current shoes. The most important factor that affects the life of the shoes is storage. It is the reason why high-end branded stores offer good shoes storage bags so that they can last for ages.

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