Denims aka Jeans are the all time favorite apparel for everyone as they are comfortable and easy to carry. But have you ever wondered which shoes to wear with Jeans? Well, don’t wear the wrong style of shoes with denims or jeans any longer. Pair your denims with the most classy footwear and make your own fashion statement.

shoes to wear with jeans
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Denims can be easily carried by people of all ages. But your dressing can go all awry, if you have not paired it with good shoes. If you looking for some fashionable type of shoes to wear with jeans all the time, then the simple answer to the question is ‘Canvas shoes’. Canvas shoes are very versatile and whether you are wearing light-coloured jeans or darker ones. Canvas shoes takes care of your overall look because well fitted shoes worn with jeans just look classic.

shoes to wear with jeans
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So, which shoes to wear with jeans to get that perfect look? Well, here are your choices: 

Technical Canvas Shoes:

shoes to wear with jeans
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There are some very good canvas shoes in the market designed specially for running or hiking. Although they come with a pricey tags they just the perfect kind of shoes to wear with jeans. If you looking for comfort and luxury then the technical canvas shoes are a very good option. You can try tan or brown canvas shoes with your light colored jeans and whites and blacks for darker shades of jeans.

Classic Canvas Shoes:

shoes to wear with jeans
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These kinds of shoes are very popular and worn by all ages. Classic canvas shoes look good with all kinds of jeans. The best part of these shoes are that these are colorful and you can try on different colors to change your style statement.

Hand Painted Canvas Shoes:

This unique style of canvas shoes are the rage these days, especially the ones by LazyBrats. These gorgeous hand painted canvas shoes makes your jeans look just perfect. You can buy these shoes online as per your preferences and even get some customized options made. Hand painted canvas shoes are sturdy and are painted with the colors which stay on for years.


shoes to wear with jeans
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The lace version of canvas shoes looks very chic with denims. They are very easy to wear and look extremely stylish. Pair up your slip-ons with jogger denims to look casual. Depending on your personality, you can also experiment with colors and styles.

Ankle High Canvas Shoes:

shoes to wear with jeans
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Ankle High canvas are just not for everyone. For this look, you need an attitude of a basketball player. Yes, You read it right! You must have the personality to carry off these shoes, as they are generally worn by players and sports lovers. They are very stylish with flat soles and high top laces, which make these shoes look great in all the seasons.

Denims are versatile attire for men and women. We believe that jeans makes your style statement very simple yet quite classy.  So, pair the correct types of shoes with your jeans and make your own mark in the fashion world.